Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where are the children?

Recently, near where my husband works, many new billboards have popped up. These billboards have been provided from "Planned Parenthood".  They all say something along the lines of someone being scared and pregnant and how Planned Parenthood is "there for them".  There are two things that really strike me about these signs.
1. They are placed right in the very poorest part of town.
2. Where are the children? Where is the parenthood?

If you go to their website you see many pictures with women and men who are strong and proud. But again I say... Where are the children?

Why oh Lord don't they see?!  The Parenthood is not there. This is not an organization of parenthood, this is an organization of life being stopped.
If they wanted to help people that were pregnant why are they not showing the reality? Where, I say again, are the children? It's all about their bodies, their choices, their life.  What about the children? Their life. The joy they bring. Their choice?

Where is this picture? 

Or this?

Where is the baby?!