Products I Love

GOGO Squeeze
I came across a product at Walmart recently that I LOVE!
GOGO Squeez!
These are so nice for little ones on the go! Ellie is one and can eat a "bag" of applesauce all by her self! It is 100% apple and apple juice concentrate, no sweeteners. Plus it's a great non-messy snack for older kids too! No spoon needed!   I found them in the checkout line. If I remember correctly they were $0.67 each.

The Vision Forum

I adore all of their products! You can request their magazine free of charge. LOVE the Vision Forum!

This is a wonderful product! If you have a special needs child I HIGHLY recommend the Water Way Babies neck floaty ring!! This wonderful product allows your child that may other wise may not be able to move freely to have the "weightlessness" of water! This is an amazing tool for gaining muscle strength! And I promise you that you will not be disappointed with the wonderful personal service from the owner of the company! A+ recommendation! Check out this video of a baby "swimming"!

Another lovely product I love for your special needs baby with muscle tone issues! Or better yet ANY baby that hasn't yet learned head/trunk control! You can put your sweet little pumpkin in the Hugga bebe' and it will support them in a bumbo, swing, bouncer, you name it! Love this product!