Monday, June 10, 2013

Witness the Miracle: Keeping up with Gussy

We have a new Facebook Page for those that would like to follow Gussy's progress! We will be posting pictures, updates, and prayer requests there. We will still be doing our updates here but if you would like to follow Gussy's progress a little closer come "Like" us Here

Augustus Rapha was born lifeless.

God had other plans.

Gussy went without oxygen for at least an hour.

God had other plans.

Doctors told us he was already gone.

God had other plans.

"No quality of life" they said.

God had other plans.

"Pull the Plug" they said.

God had other plans.

Walk with us as we witness the miracle. God has a plan. Walk with us as we strive to help Gussy reach his potential to serve God with his whole heart. Our goal for him is the same as the rest of our children.



Serve God.

We have heard many "Nevers" in his short life.

God has other plans.

Our prayer is that you will be as blessed as we are Witnessing the Miracle.

Living in His Ever Present Mercy,



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gussy Update: Times Are a Rockin'!

This is me.
Yep, Melissa. 

I am a predictable person. 
You know where I stand.

I follow a pattern that can be predicted a mile away...most of the time. 

My point in all of this?  Really I have none. It really has nothing to do with this post except for the fact that you can pretty much predict with some degree of certainty that I will go strong on blogging and then neglect it for months.

So there you have it. Now that we are done with that let's move on to the post, shall we?

Time's are a rockin'! 

We started Gussy's new intensive therapy! A horrible time to neglect, right?

On the T Fam's home front a whole lot has been goin' on!

Teeth have been knocked out

Garden is in

 Kitties have been born

Double digits have been reached

Therapy's a rockin'

And boys are a walkin'! 

But the most exciting news?  

The news that I have waited 23 long months to share?

Gussy is making HUGE  strides in therapy! HUGE!!

I don't mean "Yay, Gussy is opening his hands well!" Strides (Even though he is). 

I don't mean "Gussy can turn towards the family member you ask him about" strides (even though, again, he is.)

I mean last night, my boy, who has NEVER eaten anything by mouth successfully in his entire 23 months, made a HUGE LEAP!!!

He was watching Ellie eat her mashed potatoes with GREAT INTEREST

Ellie decided to give Gussy a bite. And you know what? We decided NOT TO STOP HER.


He didn't just gag it down and maybe get some down. HE MUSHED... HE SWALLOWED!!!!!!  



Let me blunt and rude for a moment because sometimes I'm allowed to, or at least that is what I tell myself when I want to be...

If this isn't like *the* best news ever for you to hear this is soooo not the blog for you. This is what I wait for to blog about. This IS my PRAISE GOD MOMENT!!  

What makes this news even BETTER??? 


He has been making such huge improvements all around since starting this therapy, that we have had THREE people that work with him notice the improvement without  us saying a word!

Smiling on his tummy is much bigger than anyone could possibly understand! 

He has a giant Bumbo looking chair that he sits in... 

He can SCOOT around in it like the crazy little boy he is now!! 




There you have it. Since starting this therapy, (that wouldn't have been possible for us without the LOVE and GENEROSITY of all of you who donated to his fund)  Gussy has started swallowing his saliva AND food, his arm and hand movement has improved, he's scooting around, he's taking steps in his walker, he's rolling like a crazy man, he's developing a "normal" laugh, he's lifting his head up when on his tummy, he's happier, he hasn't needed oxygen! There's more. More that is harder to explain with words, but more. He has IMPROVED. 

It's all worth it.

And we just got started!!

Living in His Mercy,