Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Faith On Fire

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he *must* deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.…

~Matthew 16:24-25~

I added emphasis above even though it really needs none. Do you see where I added it? It's that pesky little word that many do not like  to pay attention to in the Bible. 


Ouch, that's a tough one, isn't it? 

Why now? Why when so many have stepped out and helped us? Why when the Lord showed us everlasting goodness through His people that *are* denying themselves for His purpose? 

Because there are more. More precious children who have been made in the image of the Almighty and holding the Breath of life within them, waiting for a family to call their own. More families answering the call of faith to step out on this seemingly impossible journey. 


A friend recently said something that I thought was significant. 

The cost of adoption is not about the family who is adopting. It is entirely for the benefit of the child who will no longer be an orphan. He cannot pay. Cannot even take out a loan. But we can stand at his side, and pay on his behalf. 

Orphans are children who have been done a great harm, even if it was done out of necessity or love. They have been denied the un-earned love of parents that the majority of us have been given as a gift. 

Do you see what I getting at here?  I am not just asking you to support people in their efforts, no more than I was asking you to support my efforts. I asking you to support an ORPHAN. Folks, this *is* a biblical mandate. I'm asking you to care. Asking you to not look the other way this time. Please. If we do not raise their ransom and help break them free NO ONE WILL.

I want to one day stand in front of the Almighty and hear those words that I live my life to hear...

"Well Done Good and Faithful Servant."

What else is there to live for, folks? Really? This life is the first inch on that big ol' line we call eternity. Do you *REALLY* believe it? Be MOVED TO ACTION! Please!

I don't know about you, but me? I do NOT want to stand before the Father some day and say that I turned my back after seeing this....

I have news for you , ladies and gentleman, this isn't some old holocaust picture. This is today's 
holocaust! These are REAL children. This is reality. Reality that many want to deny but reality none the less.

I understand not everyone can adopt, I do. Although, I do believe that there are many that just don't want to adopt the children that actually need to be adopted. They want perfect. They want what my friend says is "a puppy that doesn't poop". Again, news flash here y'all, no kid is perfect and none come with guarantees.  We are all born to serve and bring glory to God. I assure you that He didn't "make a mistake" when He created the children that aren't what society calls "perfect". I don't know much, but that, my friends, I *do* know.

We are funded, all glory to God. If it is His will we will be home with two less very soon. But there are MORE!

I am going to highlight one family today.

Meet the Jenks.

The Jenks said, "Yes, Lord, we will obey. We don't how this will happen, but we know who You are. You are faithful Lord. You are good, Lord. You WILL show us the way, Lord.


Who are they? From them...

    • After 11 months of being home from Ukraine and adopting Veronika and Gavyn (listed on RR as Sydney and Lucien) we were lead to a beautiful little 12 year old girl on RR Veronika (her RR name not her real name). We were not expecting to adopt again so soon, and certainly not an older child, but God had other plans. After praying about it we moved forward and started the process. Shortly after committing to her, we noticed several other children from her country were removed from Reece's Rainbow. We ended up finding out that because they had waited so long and no one had ever asked about them, they were considered unadoptable by their country and removed from the listing Our little girl was one of the ones that would have removed had we not committed to her when we did. We had our homestudy and ended up getting approved for two but we thought that maybe this time we would only adopt one. However, we kept being drawn back again and again to one little girl. We asked about her and what we found out was heart breaking. While our one little girl, listed as Veronika, is in a good place, our other little girl Emilija is not. Where she is at does not understand what it means to have Down syndrome. She is in an orphanage that looks down on her, and does not show her love and kindness. Both our girls will turn 13 in April and we are racing against the clock to get there before they turn 13. They have already had so so many firsts. They should not have to turn into a teenager alone. They should have a family to celebrate with. Once our girls are home we will have 8 children. Our oldest two girls are 23, and 22 and no longer live at home. We also have a 17 year old daughter, and a 15 year old son, and then in July 2012 we adopted Veronika and Gavyn who are both now 2 years old, from Ukraine. Veronika and Gavyn have Down syndrome as well. We will be traveling in Feb or March and still need 23K. Our homestudy is complete, we have submitted our 1800A and are waiting on approval, and our dossier is being translated so once we get our approval we will be ready to go and will just need to wait on a travel date. I am a stay at home mom, my husband works in IT, My husband was born and raised in England, I was born and raised in Louisiana. Our 17 year old daughter is in an honors program at her school and is very involved with volunteering. our 15 year old son is homeschooled and is a year ahead in his classes. Gavyn came home a year ago not even being able to lift his head and now he is walking! Veronika came home not even sitting up and now she is climbing and running and getting into everything like a typical two year old. Our teenage daughter is looking forward to having the girls home and going shopping with them, doing their nails and hair. Veronika and Gavyn are looking forward to having more big sisters, and our 15 year old son is looking forward to having sisters to do homeschooling with. It is so hard every day to not have them with us, to know one of our little girls is not getting the care and attention she needs and we just thank God for leading us to them. We will be in country anywhere from 4-10 weeks depending on how far apart the girls are in the country. During that time both parents have to be there. We are a bit of a silly family, you will often hear us joking and laughing and just goofing around.

A FAMILY. A Family that WANTS two that have lived nearly 13 years without someone wanting them.

Folks, I'm not just asking you to sponsor a family that is adopting. I'm asking you to take part in raising a ransom. A ransom for two lives. Two lives that have one last chance for a family.


Creations of the Almighty.
Two lives that carry the Breath of Life in them.

 Are you ready to be part of the solution?

Go here:


Want to buy something to support?

Awesome shirts, lots of styles, that will benefit the Jenks and several other families adopting from now until January 6th, 2014.

Many families wait to see how God will pave the way for them.


 Faith is a gift from God. If you lack it, pray. Pray and ask the Lord to give you faith on FIRE!
I promise your world will be rocked!

In His Mercy,
Waiting Mama

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're Coming For Them Soon!

Our latest adoption update. Too good not to share here as well. God is good. Oh, how He is good!

Almost There My Loves, Almost

Amen? Every. Single. Good. Gift. *Is*. From ABOVE! My friends, can I just take this moment to tell you now that God is good!

He *will* finish the work He starts in you!

He *is* faithful!

He will *not* leave you!

When He calls you to His work He *is* big enough for the impossible!

Why friends, why am I driving this point home now? Because the Lord has a plan for YOU! Taking a step of faith and doing what God has asked you to do can be scary when it looks impossible. It can be hard to really believe what you believe is really real. Do you really believe what you believe? Do you *know* that God can move any mountain that He places in the path He sends you down?

Ponder these things, my friends. He *is* a good God. He *is* a powerful God.  He *can* move the mountains He spoke into existence. Do you really believe what you believe?

I believe. Oh how fear is my enemy. Oh how I fail miserably. Oh how my strength is nothing. Praise God the His power is made perfect in my weakness because weakness is what I have.

God, Who provides all of our needs, has provided, like He told us He would.

We were informed that an anonymous person donated $10'000 to our Family Sponsorship grant! Did you read that?!

Luke delivers freight. He makes a good income but $32'000 is more than we had sitting around.  We had an impossible amount of money to raise to bring these babies home!

Guess what?

God said it was time.
We obeyed.
God PROVIDED! He provided!!!! This is HUGE, ladies and Gentleman!

God moved the heart of someone to do what He called them to!
Do you see? We all have a roll in His plan. Different rolls that all work together for HIS glory!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Let's emphasize what this verse is really about.  "According to HIS purpose". His plan! His Glory! 

The Lord has recently revealed to me what I have been missing all of my life....

Are you ready to see what has taken me 30 years to realize? 

I was born to learn and act on what REDEMPTION really means.

That is my purpose. I can now see, clear as day, God's plan in every road I've traveled. His plan for me is to understand redemption and act. I was wicked and sinful. God let me walk the road of selfishness and pain. He let me see how unworthy I am of His grace. And what He did next is amazing. 

He called me beloved. 

He called me His own. 

He called me daughter. 

He called me to be in His family. 


Oh Precious and Holy One.... What a gift! I am unworthy of this gift. I was wretched. 





I am...


So if you want to know why. Why adopt children that have been abused and neglected? Why chance your family suffering? Why burden your finances? 

Because I was born to be redeemed! I was born to show that same redemption to HIS children! 

We are redeeming a generation. 

Let me introduce you to a precious soul waiting to be redeemed...

This is Salome. 

Salome is nearing 16 years old.  Salome spends her days in a crib with a bottle. Salome is a child of the Most High. Salome is waiting for someone to show herredemption

Please, someone show her His love! 

Uncomfortable is not a good reason to say no. 

Our Savior, the God of the Universe, stepped down and took on pain suffering and death for YOU! For *your* wretchedness. *Your* Sin. *Your* unworthiness. 

My friends, YOU were born to understand redemption. TO ACT! 

The Lord Almighty is faithful so don't let Satan spread his fear. That is NOT of God! He does NOT give us a spirit of fear! 

Look closely at what God has done to redeem two more...

Estimate to bring home Beatrice and Sawyer-$32,710

Amount in Beatrice's Grant-$7883.47

Amount in Sawyer's Grant-$201.50

Current amount raised in our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP)-$14'194.33 (!!!!)

Amount already paid- $5'045

Amount raised in person-$2800.00

Money forgotten!- $2000!! (PRAISE YOU LORD!) 

Amazon: $352.74

Current Need: $232.96

Do you see how God said, "Yep, I got this."? Do you see!? 

We, with a modest income, went from needing $32,710 to needing $232.96!!! 

Try to explain this any other way. 

You can not!

People don't just send in $10,000 randomly. His every plan, His every purpose. It WILL happen. 

And it gets even better. 

Are you ready for this perfect orchestration you're about to see?

We have three puppies left to sell. 

What makes that so awesome? 

That's $450 left that will be applied towards our adoption fund. 

That means that when those puppies sell we are FULLY FUNDED. 

Almost to the exact amount needed. The little bit extra from the puppies will help us buy little things that we need to bring with us to country. 

That, my friends, is the Mighty Hand of God in action. If you attempt to explain that away I pray that you will be haunted with the reality of how not explainable it is. 

Today I pray for every soul that that reads this. 

Those that don't now the redeeming love of a Savior.

Those that are scared to take that leap of faith and commit to a child that is waiting for someone to show them the redemption of a Good and Loving God. 

Those that will turn their back and try to forget about the reality of what  sin has done to this world. 

Today we pray. 

Lord, You are big enough for EVERY. SINGLE. mountain! 

Our Dossier is submitted to the country. The Lord has provided every need. 

We're almost there my loves, just a little bit longer and you will be home. 

Living In His Mercy,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Work, Work, Work, VACATION!

 Look at those smiling faces with Mama and Daddy's undivided attention! Boy, oh boy! There has been a lot going on lately! The adoption is coming along nicely! We're trying our best to finish up the last of our paper run and getting close to done. Up days, down days, but all around BUSY days!  The Lord blessed us with the wonderful opportunity to go on a vacation to the coast! We camped for a whole week right by the beach! It was such a blessing! We were able to visit a lovely church in Geribaldi, Oregon. It was one of the highlights of the trip for me. It was such a great time worshiping with brothers and sisters in the next state over!

I am going to photo bomb you like crazy, so prepare yourself!

The beach was amazing! Everyone agreed that the most relaxing and all around fun times were spent right there on the beach just being together and soaking up the beauty!

We also had some fantastic days browsing shops, visiting Astoria, and seeing some really fun and beautiful sites!

Seaside Shops are so fun!

Everyone really loved the Air Museum and Cheese factory in Tillamook!

The Astoria Column was beautiful and a really fun time! We went over to the Maritime Museum after and it was just an all around lovely day! 

I praise the Lord for the opportunity to recharge and come together as a family with no distractions to worry about. What a blessing! 

And just because I can, I have to tell you all that Gussy turned TWO! Two, y'all! Thank you Jesus! 

Living In His Mercy,


Monday, August 5, 2013

The Tannehill's are Bringing Them Home!

Most of you who read our blog know that we are adopting two precious babes from Eastern Europe but I wanted to officially invite you to come on over and follow our journey to bring home our sweet new babes! At the top you will see the link to "We're Coming Number Six", as well as our Family Sponsorship Page in the right hand margin. I have copied a recent post for you to preview! Hope to see you over there! 


We're Coming Number Six... and SEVEN!

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? 
~1 John 3:17~
Yes! You read right! SEVEN! The Lord has decided to not only bless us with one precious child but TWO! And we can share who! Oh yeah!  I know, I know, it's been a while! All you adoptin' folks know that the Dossier packets make your head spin! Those that aren't adopting; It makes your head spin! Ha! 
Are you ready for introductions? Of course you are!
Meet my sweet baby girl, "Beatrice"!
Oh sweet baby girl, how I long to hold you! We're getting so close and working so hard to come and get you! My sweet precious girl will be two in October. She was born without a nose or eyes, but with this hand given to her, she shines with such beauty! Look at that precious face! Don't you just want to squeeze her!? Oh man! Those cheeks are beggin' for a smooch!
Next comes my newest little man! Oh boy, get ready for some cute! This boys eye lashes and big sweet eyes will make you jealous that he's coming home to us :-D
Meet our sweet boy, "Sawyer"!  
Oh sweet boy! How blessed we are to be adding you to our quest to grow our family! Sweet boy will be 3 in January. Hopefully he will be spending it at home with his family! "Sawyer" has compensated hydrocephalus, fused fingers, and a VERY kissable face! We're coming sweet boy, we're coming!

So, there you have it folks. We're working daily to bring home sweet number six and sweet number seven! Your prayers are coveted! 

Keep watching for fundraisers and auctions! We have some really neat items for our give aways! They are coming up soon! We still need quite a bit of funding, I am working on an itemized list. Christmas is coming up and I hope you will look to adoption fundraisers for your shopping! We plan to do all, or at least most, of our Christmas shopping through adoption fundraisers. What better way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than to give with your shopping instead of falling into the hustle and bustle of it all! If you have ideas for something you would like to see in a fundraiser or auction send me a message! You can come and "like" our Facebook fundraiser page to stay up to date on our latest items! 

I praise the Lord for His mercies and gifts! What a beautiful thing to be bringing home two precious babes! Thank you Jesus! 

Living in His Mercy,


Monday, June 10, 2013

Witness the Miracle: Keeping up with Gussy

We have a new Facebook Page for those that would like to follow Gussy's progress! We will be posting pictures, updates, and prayer requests there. We will still be doing our updates here but if you would like to follow Gussy's progress a little closer come "Like" us Here

Augustus Rapha was born lifeless.

God had other plans.

Gussy went without oxygen for at least an hour.

God had other plans.

Doctors told us he was already gone.

God had other plans.

"No quality of life" they said.

God had other plans.

"Pull the Plug" they said.

God had other plans.

Walk with us as we witness the miracle. God has a plan. Walk with us as we strive to help Gussy reach his potential to serve God with his whole heart. Our goal for him is the same as the rest of our children.



Serve God.

We have heard many "Nevers" in his short life.

God has other plans.

Our prayer is that you will be as blessed as we are Witnessing the Miracle.

Living in His Ever Present Mercy,



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gussy Update: Times Are a Rockin'!

This is me.
Yep, Melissa. 

I am a predictable person. 
You know where I stand.

I follow a pattern that can be predicted a mile away...most of the time. 

My point in all of this?  Really I have none. It really has nothing to do with this post except for the fact that you can pretty much predict with some degree of certainty that I will go strong on blogging and then neglect it for months.

So there you have it. Now that we are done with that let's move on to the post, shall we?

Time's are a rockin'! 

We started Gussy's new intensive therapy! A horrible time to neglect, right?

On the T Fam's home front a whole lot has been goin' on!

Teeth have been knocked out

Garden is in

 Kitties have been born

Double digits have been reached

Therapy's a rockin'

And boys are a walkin'! 

But the most exciting news?  

The news that I have waited 23 long months to share?

Gussy is making HUGE  strides in therapy! HUGE!!

I don't mean "Yay, Gussy is opening his hands well!" Strides (Even though he is). 

I don't mean "Gussy can turn towards the family member you ask him about" strides (even though, again, he is.)

I mean last night, my boy, who has NEVER eaten anything by mouth successfully in his entire 23 months, made a HUGE LEAP!!!

He was watching Ellie eat her mashed potatoes with GREAT INTEREST

Ellie decided to give Gussy a bite. And you know what? We decided NOT TO STOP HER.


He didn't just gag it down and maybe get some down. HE MUSHED... HE SWALLOWED!!!!!!  



Let me blunt and rude for a moment because sometimes I'm allowed to, or at least that is what I tell myself when I want to be...

If this isn't like *the* best news ever for you to hear this is soooo not the blog for you. This is what I wait for to blog about. This IS my PRAISE GOD MOMENT!!  

What makes this news even BETTER??? 


He has been making such huge improvements all around since starting this therapy, that we have had THREE people that work with him notice the improvement without  us saying a word!

Smiling on his tummy is much bigger than anyone could possibly understand! 

He has a giant Bumbo looking chair that he sits in... 

He can SCOOT around in it like the crazy little boy he is now!! 




There you have it. Since starting this therapy, (that wouldn't have been possible for us without the LOVE and GENEROSITY of all of you who donated to his fund)  Gussy has started swallowing his saliva AND food, his arm and hand movement has improved, he's scooting around, he's taking steps in his walker, he's rolling like a crazy man, he's developing a "normal" laugh, he's lifting his head up when on his tummy, he's happier, he hasn't needed oxygen! There's more. More that is harder to explain with words, but more. He has IMPROVED. 

It's all worth it.

And we just got started!!

Living in His Mercy,


Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Time Has Come!!!! YAY!!!

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?
~Matthew 7:11~

After a year and a half of fundraising, and LOOOOTs of ups and downs, we are finally ready to start our intensive therapy!!! Thank you Lord!!!! I am soooo excited, and sooooo nervous!! We found an all inclusive, intensive therapy that works on reorganization of the brain, meaning it works on everything, feeding included!

Fantastic News...


Even More Fantastic News... 

We only have to go every couple of months because it is a training program!!!!! Thank you Lord! I wish I could explain how exciting this is for us!! OH MY!!!

Seriously, How much better gifts?? More than we asked for!! I have sooo many hopes for this program! I had never heard of it. Our Doctor, Dr. Frazer, told us about her. She said she has sent children to her that had Cerebral Palsy and seen spectacular results!! 

That's all I have to say today, I am so excited it's finally set!! May 4th! May 4th we start the new journey! As always, prayer is 1000% welcome and appreciated! 

I wish I could express to all of you helped us how much it means to our family. Everyone who donated, put together yard sales, donated for the yard sale, we couldn't have done it without you! We are sooo grateful for your help! Thank you! From the bottom of our heart, thank you. 

Living In His Mercy,

Oh and you have to have a picture :-D

Gussy and his bestest good friend, Tucker <3 br="" nbsp="">