Books Worth Reading

"Total Church"    By: Tim Chester & Steve Timmis

"Holiness"   By: Henry Blackaby

"Heaven's Heroes"    By: David Shibley

"Teaching the Trivium"   By: Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn

"God's Smuggler"     By: Brother Andrew, John Sherrill, Elizabeth Sherrill

"Finishing Strong"   By: Steve Farrar ( This is a book for men but I adored it! Steve Farrar is an author whom writes books for men, but happens to be my favorite author. Highly recommend his books!)

Luke recommends for Husbands/ Men

"Battle Ready"   By: Steve Farrar

"Unleashing Courageous Faith"  By: Paul Coughlin
(I actually recommend this for us wives as well. Great read and really helps you understand your husband and what he faces as a man) 

"Point Man"   By Steve Farrar ( I also read this book and it was a fabulous read for us women as well! If you would like to really understand your husband and God's roll for him, as well as God's roll for yourself, read Steve Farrar!)