Friday, February 15, 2013

I Don't Like You Mr. Fishy Face: Homemade Saline Solution

O Sovereign LORD, you are God! Your words are trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant.  
2 Samuel 7:28
 What do you get when you mix two sickies, a movie on an IPad, a feeding pump running Pedialyte, a suction machine, and an adaptive chair used for propping? 

  A Sick day on the homestead. 

  Yep, you guessed it, Gussy is in the sick loop. It finally hit us, no matter how secluded we tried to stay the ick found us. God is good, though, Amen? For now, we are home and Gussy, amazingly, is doing quite well. We are having to suction him quite often compared to normal and night time Oxygen Sats were a bit beastly last night. We still made it through the night without oxygen, though! Praise God! After a whole bunch of suctioning (which equals a whole bunch of throwing up) his sats stabilized and all was well in the Gussy department.  

  Ellie, poor sweet Ellie. She is the one that has been hit hardest. She's croupy, snotty, and down right miserable. Somehow the rest of us have nothing much going on...Yet. 

  You know, there are some slight perks to having a kiddo like Gussy. When someone in the house gets hit with major ick, you can pretty much bet money that I am set up as good as any nurses station around. You need medical supplies, I am your lady! Also, My dear sweet Jenny's kiddos think I'm super cool because they got oxygen cannulas and 60 CC syringes to play doctor with in their Christmas box. I know, I'm stellar, right?

  Onto the perks...

  I happen to have a nebulizer and extra masks in my supplies so I was able to make a homemade saline solution for Ellie. Worked wonders! 

  One problem. She HATED it. Down right "mad at Mama" moment.

  So, if you use this solution in your own nebulizer at home and have a kiddo who is not fond of it, I have the perfect solution for you. Ninjas. Ninjas will help you keep a mask on your little one's face. Problem solved. 

  After a good solid air kick and elaborate story about how the saline is just like a really cool Ninja running into her chest to kick all the bad guys, she wasn't thrilled, but sat nicely willing to let them do their business.  We then proceeded to cough, blow, cough, blow, to wipe away all the icky bad guys (snot) that the Ninjas (Saline) were kicking out.

  See? Ninjas really can save the world from bad guys. 

Homemade Saline Solution:

1 cup water (preferably filtered)
1 tsp. Salt. 

Boil down water  for about 10 minutes to reduce impurities. Add salt. Stir. let cool. Nebulize about a teaspoon full at a time. 


  We are now ready to fight the warrior's fight and get back to this fun stuff....

  Yeah, you guessed it, I shamelessly looked for a spot to throw this picture in because it's so dang cute. That's how I roll.

Living in His Mercy,

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