Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're Coming For Them Soon!

Our latest adoption update. Too good not to share here as well. God is good. Oh, how He is good!

Almost There My Loves, Almost

Amen? Every. Single. Good. Gift. *Is*. From ABOVE! My friends, can I just take this moment to tell you now that God is good!

He *will* finish the work He starts in you!

He *is* faithful!

He will *not* leave you!

When He calls you to His work He *is* big enough for the impossible!

Why friends, why am I driving this point home now? Because the Lord has a plan for YOU! Taking a step of faith and doing what God has asked you to do can be scary when it looks impossible. It can be hard to really believe what you believe is really real. Do you really believe what you believe? Do you *know* that God can move any mountain that He places in the path He sends you down?

Ponder these things, my friends. He *is* a good God. He *is* a powerful God.  He *can* move the mountains He spoke into existence. Do you really believe what you believe?

I believe. Oh how fear is my enemy. Oh how I fail miserably. Oh how my strength is nothing. Praise God the His power is made perfect in my weakness because weakness is what I have.

God, Who provides all of our needs, has provided, like He told us He would.

We were informed that an anonymous person donated $10'000 to our Family Sponsorship grant! Did you read that?!

Luke delivers freight. He makes a good income but $32'000 is more than we had sitting around.  We had an impossible amount of money to raise to bring these babies home!

Guess what?

God said it was time.
We obeyed.
God PROVIDED! He provided!!!! This is HUGE, ladies and Gentleman!

God moved the heart of someone to do what He called them to!
Do you see? We all have a roll in His plan. Different rolls that all work together for HIS glory!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Let's emphasize what this verse is really about.  "According to HIS purpose". His plan! His Glory! 

The Lord has recently revealed to me what I have been missing all of my life....

Are you ready to see what has taken me 30 years to realize? 

I was born to learn and act on what REDEMPTION really means.

That is my purpose. I can now see, clear as day, God's plan in every road I've traveled. His plan for me is to understand redemption and act. I was wicked and sinful. God let me walk the road of selfishness and pain. He let me see how unworthy I am of His grace. And what He did next is amazing. 

He called me beloved. 

He called me His own. 

He called me daughter. 

He called me to be in His family. 


Oh Precious and Holy One.... What a gift! I am unworthy of this gift. I was wretched. 





I am...


So if you want to know why. Why adopt children that have been abused and neglected? Why chance your family suffering? Why burden your finances? 

Because I was born to be redeemed! I was born to show that same redemption to HIS children! 

We are redeeming a generation. 

Let me introduce you to a precious soul waiting to be redeemed...

This is Salome. 

Salome is nearing 16 years old.  Salome spends her days in a crib with a bottle. Salome is a child of the Most High. Salome is waiting for someone to show herredemption

Please, someone show her His love! 

Uncomfortable is not a good reason to say no. 

Our Savior, the God of the Universe, stepped down and took on pain suffering and death for YOU! For *your* wretchedness. *Your* Sin. *Your* unworthiness. 

My friends, YOU were born to understand redemption. TO ACT! 

The Lord Almighty is faithful so don't let Satan spread his fear. That is NOT of God! He does NOT give us a spirit of fear! 

Look closely at what God has done to redeem two more...

Estimate to bring home Beatrice and Sawyer-$32,710

Amount in Beatrice's Grant-$7883.47

Amount in Sawyer's Grant-$201.50

Current amount raised in our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP)-$14'194.33 (!!!!)

Amount already paid- $5'045

Amount raised in person-$2800.00

Money forgotten!- $2000!! (PRAISE YOU LORD!) 

Amazon: $352.74

Current Need: $232.96

Do you see how God said, "Yep, I got this."? Do you see!? 

We, with a modest income, went from needing $32,710 to needing $232.96!!! 

Try to explain this any other way. 

You can not!

People don't just send in $10,000 randomly. His every plan, His every purpose. It WILL happen. 

And it gets even better. 

Are you ready for this perfect orchestration you're about to see?

We have three puppies left to sell. 

What makes that so awesome? 

That's $450 left that will be applied towards our adoption fund. 

That means that when those puppies sell we are FULLY FUNDED. 

Almost to the exact amount needed. The little bit extra from the puppies will help us buy little things that we need to bring with us to country. 

That, my friends, is the Mighty Hand of God in action. If you attempt to explain that away I pray that you will be haunted with the reality of how not explainable it is. 

Today I pray for every soul that that reads this. 

Those that don't now the redeeming love of a Savior.

Those that are scared to take that leap of faith and commit to a child that is waiting for someone to show them the redemption of a Good and Loving God. 

Those that will turn their back and try to forget about the reality of what  sin has done to this world. 

Today we pray. 

Lord, You are big enough for EVERY. SINGLE. mountain! 

Our Dossier is submitted to the country. The Lord has provided every need. 

We're almost there my loves, just a little bit longer and you will be home. 

Living In His Mercy,



  1. Melissa:

    You said: "Do you see how God said, "Yep, I got this."

    I find that so true, over and over and over and over!

    1. Truly, the only answer for my life, the life of my children, everything I see every day is God. He's got this!