Monday, December 5, 2011

Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow!!

It's the little things in life that God blesses us with that just blow me away! This past week has brought some really fun and useful joys! 

On Wednesday night I asked Luke to pick up Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper the next day after work because we were almost out of both. Thursday he calls me and tells me that one of the suppliers he delivers to, "Crown Paper",  heard about Augustus and wanted to "help out".  This is what Luke came home with! WOW!! He brought home a professional hand sanitizer dispenser and 6 huge bags to fill it, along with a case of small bottles of sanitizer, and two very big boxes of toilet paper, paper towels, and tissue!  It never stops blowing me away when God provides small things so randomly! Thank you Father!

We were also very blessed by the Richland Police Department and Walmart this past weekend. A very sweet friend from church, who happens to be a police officer, signed our family up for the police departments "Shop with Cop" event. Thank you Officer Roe!  The children got to go to Walmart bright and early this past weekend and have breakfast with the Police Officers right before they were each given a $100.00 gift card and an Officer to take them Christmas shopping for their family! They got to shop and then wrap their presents, and even sit on Santa's lap and get a present for themselves from Santa! It was such a huge blessing and so very fun for them! They are so excited to have all of these presents under the tree that they shopped for and wrapped! God is so good and I am just feeling very blessed by the out pour of  love to our family this Christmas Season!

The "Shop With Cop" event was on the news and a couple of the littles were on :)

Living In His Mercy,

The Tannehill's

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