Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Augustus Update... Surgery

Brother Matching time!! YAY for brothers!

I want to start today by telling you about what my heart is praising God for this beautiful Christmas season....

1. He is Good!

2. Although He has allowed more hardship, pain, and uncertainty, to come our way, He has also been blessing us ridiculously so continually.

New PJ's on christmas eve!
3. Our WHOLE family enjoyed a beautiful Christmas day TOGETHER!! HUGE PRAISE!

4. He has drawn us so much closer to Himself which makes everything more than worth it! If you have ever doubted that God uses hard times to clear your eyes, I would love to share my testimony of that with you!

5. He is good!

6. Luke is working!

7. He has surrounded us with truly selfless people. I am so grateful!

That flash is tripping me out Mamma!

8. Although our life at this time is uncertain, our hope in Him *is* certain!

5'400'586'946. He is good!!!

Thank you for letting me just get that out there. Whenever I have updates that aren't as wonderful as some, I always feel as though I am not getting across the fact that God is soooo very good!

I love my sister and she loves me! Such a blessing!

Such a fun therapy video!
So, it's not my favorite news but we are headed to Spokane on January 5th for surgery number three. Unfortunately, Mr. A's Fundoplication (tummy wrap) has failed. Which means he is now able to vomit and reflux. And sadly the news from his pulmonary doctor was worse. It probably failed a while back because his lungs have taken a beating and he has likely been aspirating small amounts for a while. His chest is "barreled" out and his diaphragm is flattened. This means he is working very hard to breath and if it is not taken care of soon his lungs could fail. The fact that he sweats a lot while sleeping already means he is working pretty darn hard at breathing which is also affecting his growth because of calorie burn verses intake.  All of this is hard to take in but I am so thankful he said we could schedule for after Christmas!!!! Praise God! It was a special day for us all!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! We don't know how long Gussy and I will have to stay  but we are praying he does well and we can be home bound again soon!

Craziness at the Tannehill house!

Living In His Mercy,

The Tannehill Family

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