Thursday, August 8, 2013

Work, Work, Work, VACATION!

 Look at those smiling faces with Mama and Daddy's undivided attention! Boy, oh boy! There has been a lot going on lately! The adoption is coming along nicely! We're trying our best to finish up the last of our paper run and getting close to done. Up days, down days, but all around BUSY days!  The Lord blessed us with the wonderful opportunity to go on a vacation to the coast! We camped for a whole week right by the beach! It was such a blessing! We were able to visit a lovely church in Geribaldi, Oregon. It was one of the highlights of the trip for me. It was such a great time worshiping with brothers and sisters in the next state over!

I am going to photo bomb you like crazy, so prepare yourself!

The beach was amazing! Everyone agreed that the most relaxing and all around fun times were spent right there on the beach just being together and soaking up the beauty!

We also had some fantastic days browsing shops, visiting Astoria, and seeing some really fun and beautiful sites!

Seaside Shops are so fun!

Everyone really loved the Air Museum and Cheese factory in Tillamook!

The Astoria Column was beautiful and a really fun time! We went over to the Maritime Museum after and it was just an all around lovely day! 

I praise the Lord for the opportunity to recharge and come together as a family with no distractions to worry about. What a blessing! 

And just because I can, I have to tell you all that Gussy turned TWO! Two, y'all! Thank you Jesus! 

Living In His Mercy,


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