Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Savin' Mama: Freezer Waffles

With Pregnancies progressing, babies to nurse, schooling to be done, and meals to prepare, how many of us Mama folk couldn't use time saving tips? I am a time cruncher I like to get all my chores done in the most productive way possible so I do all sorts of shortcut work to help cut down on time when I'm feeling tired or overwhelmed with my day.

One of the things I do that my family loves and saves a ton of time in the long run is what I call "waffle weeks". My whole family enjoys it and when I'm feeling icky from being pregnant my husband has a yummy breakfast he can pop in the microwave or toaster before work! Plus, even the children can "make waffles" if need be.

What you'll need

10 lbs pancake/waffle mix. I buy mine as the cost is pretty similar and it's just one thing I like to do easy.
Waffle iron
Wax paper
Gallon size baggies

How to do it

Now there is a reason that I call it "waffle week" and not just waffle day etc. starting Monday morning I get a large mixing bowl and make enough batter to fill it. I heat up my waffle iron and start making waffles. I will make make them until it is all gone. We eat as they are prepared and with the remaining I stack them on a cookie sheet dividing the layers with wax paper.

After which I put them in the freezer until the next morning.

The next morning I bag up the frozen waffles and start all over again. I do this all week until the mix is gone. By the end of the week we have a good supply of ready to heat waffles for whenever breakfast needs to be fast or someone (A.K.A. Mama) doesn't feel particularly keen on making breakfast quite yet.

Happy Waffle Making!

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