Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recipalooza: Fried Plantains

Have you ever had a burst of goodness so yummy you just want to sit down and call your search for that fantastic recipe done?  It only happens once in a blue moon but fried plantains are one of those Nummer moments. I could completely exchange tortilla or corn chips for these. Dang, that's good, right? Right.

Lily says they taste like "a yummy fried potato". Naturally my mind goes to tator tots. This means I will be trying these with fry sauce next.

Roman says they taste like "nothing I've ever tasted but YUM!".

So there you have it; Kids approve and so do I. Need you more?

Here's the way to roll...

  • As many plantains as you would like to fry. (Looks like a green banana in produce)
  • Olive oil for frying (enough to fry banana slice thickness) 
  • Salt.

Peel and slice those bad boys....

Is it evil that I secretly want to try to fry bananas then sprinkle them with brown sugar?  I'll let you know if I work up the courage to be that bad. 

Now throw em' in some hot oil...

Fry baby, fry!
Fry em' till they're nice and brown on both sides. You'll have to flip them. How brown is up to you. 

Once they're where you think they look nummers pull em' out on a paper plate, or a plate with a paper towels on it to soak up the drippy oil.

Now salt em while they're hot and greasy... Mmm Hmmm.

Next you smash em' down. Not too much. Just a little flattened. Like this..
 I use a little gravy ladle.

Now this is the part you DON'T want to miss. 

Are you ready to pay attention? 

Dip those bad boys in some SALSA. Oh yes, SALSA! 

And if you REALLY want to do it right, you know, one of those by the book types;  dip em' in some Mango Salsa from Costco. 

I assure you this bite I'm holding went directly to my mouth after the picture was taken. 

It was heaven. 

There you have it. Fried Plantains. Take something pure fry it, salt it, and dip it. It's the American way. 

You're welcome.

Living in His Mercy,


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