Monday, January 28, 2013

Tubies Unite: Kombucha for Digestive Health

We recently had a run in with a month long diarrhea adventure. Oh boy.  No one else got sick, but all of a sudden we're in the middle diaper blow out city! This made us think one of two things was going on. 

1.) Gussy was having issues with dairy.

2.) We have some bacteria problems. 

So we went for it. We switched his milk to Almond milk first. Better, but not gone. Hmmmmmm

We use to make water Kefir and give it to him but laziness took over and I quit making it. I will make it again. When I do, I will blog about so you non-lazy folks can get in on the action.  

In my laziness I started buying Kombucha instead. It's expensive ($2.50- $3.50 a bottle), but it has 2.2 billion fantastic little organisms per bottle. All of my children love it, especially the Super Berry one by Brew Dr. You can buy it at most health food stores. Locally it is available at Yoke's as well.

I am happy to report that Gussy is now back to his normal self. Thank you Brew Dr.!  We are going to start making Kombucha ourselves next month. Don't worry, I'll blog on that too. 

Here's what we do...

Kombucha is fizzy. Fizzy+ Gussy tummy= No. 

Easy peazy resolution. 

1.) Take off the lid.

2.) Put it in your fridge over night.

3.) Stir it up a bit.

Voila'!  Fizzy reduction success.

We give Gussy about 2oz. per day. Some times in place of a water bolus, sometimes over several flushes throughout the day.

Operation Diaper blow out: Success!

Living in His Mercy,

P.S. Great for any kiddo, not just a tubie. 

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